Hey guys,

How are you?



The essence of life supplies you with a set of choices:

joining easy and numbing or discovering vibrantly alive, but never certain.


Note: If It touches your skin like a new lover
You will fall in love. Over and over again.
With yourself and the dress you are wearing.

Creative Art Direction: "Sustainability as the art of living Identity" in collaboration with Tatiana Makrinova, 6thfinderstudio, Eva Vlonk,  Iwein DeKeyzer, Anton Fayle, Laura Noben, Anouck Lepère, Isolde Van Bulcke, Tristan Music, Pieter-Jan Cools Rumors.




Yana GaeVskaya




Performance show and Installation for Miat Ghent. FFF 2018


Yana is an artist, writer and creative professional that works at the intersection of human identity and sustainability. She is a co-founder of Identity Institute an innovation driven organisation that collaborates cross disciplinary within fashion, arts and culture and academia to co-create projects that enable opportunities  to explore sustainability in a broader contextual sense. Through artistic projects she connects our emotional worlds and our relationship with clothing.

 Product Design Installation Bieriel 2018

Product Design Installation Bieriel 2018


finding yourself is freeing yourself from the ideas of who you think you are